Helping athletes improve their physical strength & conditioning to excel in their performance

My mission inside Russell Performance Training is to completely transform and change the way you perform PERSONALLY, PHYSICALLY, PROFESSIONALY & PSYCHOLOGICALLY!

Ollie Russell

Enjoy the journey as much as the outcome with RPT

My name’s Ollie and I am the Head Coach at Russell Performance Training. I’m a strength and conditioning coach who works with athletes 1-1 online, to help them improve their physical strength & conditioning to excel in their performance.

RPT currently has athletes competing in Endurance sports such as Ironman, Ultra marathons & Hyrox. We also have team sports athletes in Rugby, Football, Basketball & many more.

Here at Russell Performance Training we provide professional coaching & education to our athletes!

1-1 Online Coaching

1-1 Online Coaching

Whether you’re new to the world of fitness, or have years of experience in the gym, 1-1 coaching can massively benefit your training. In your personal training program, we’ll incorporate specific training to meet the needs of your challenges ahead. All 1-1 coaching is 100% bespoke to your goals.

  • Weekly, Monthly & Yearly goal-specific performance training program

  • Nutritional health & performance support

  • Weekly access to coaching support

  • Monthly group video calls

  • 1-1 Weekly performance reviews via video call

Steps to Success in RPT

Set the Goal

Identifying your goal gives us a long term vision, so we can set short term targets.

Create A Plan

We'll tailor a plan to suit your needs, specific to your ambition, schedule and experience level.

Regular Assessments

Our online app allows you to track your progress along your fitness journey.

Achieve Your Goal

Congratulations! The hard work's paid off. Now let's start on the next goal!

See What Our Clients Say About Us


RPT Athlete

"It's not just Personal Training . It's everything around it"


Ultra Runner

"Completely different to previous ways I have been coached"


Hyrox Athlete

"I have improved my run speed & strength numbers"

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Hyrox Race-Prep

Get access to my 3 phase strategy and set yourself up for success going into your next Hyrox event.

One of the best things about RPT is our community.

Join the RPT community with like minded individuals, team meet ups & training weekends.

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